Where Our Health Journey Begins and Ends

I think that each of us could say that our health journey began at birth through the imprint of our parents’/guardians’ beliefs and our given culture. The choices we make beyond that are entirely our own. Our bodies are also our unique responsibility. Since they are the carriers of our soul, I feel that nurturing the same love for our eternal selves should be placed in our present form. In other words, it is your responsibility to love yourself both physically and metaphysically.

Although my journey to health began many years ago through my education on nutrition and exercise, my journey to true health through taking responsibility for myself and who I intended to be didn’t really begin until about a year ago.

I grew up in a typical American household. I lived with my mom, dad, brother, dog(s), and cat(s). We didn’t have a white picket fence, but we did have a barbed wire fence for horses, bulls, and pigs. They weren’t actually our animals, but a neighbors. We had a large amount of inherited land that my father chose to rent out to our more financially well off counterparts. In doing so, I got to experience the joys of country life. I would pick apples off our trees and feed the horses, remark at the pig stench, and remain cautiously far away from the angry bull. I picked blackberries off of the bushes near our stream. We tilled our land and we grew a delicious vegetable garden. These are my fond memories.

My mother despised every part of it. It was grueling work. We had to tend to our enormous yard, gardens, etc. I never have been able to pinpoint where her misery began. My father surmises it began long before he met her. Her interests lied in the acquirement of wealth, materials, etc. My father made a good salary as a heavy equipment operator, but it still was never enough to suit her needs. She was all the things that he was not. Ironically enough, this was reflected in the foods in our home. He did what he could to make sure we had good foods, but we had the temptation of packs of candy bars, tubs of ice cream, bags of chips, and cans of soda that our mother lined our kitchen with. The television commercials told us how delicious and fun McDonald’s was. Our school told us “eat bread and lots of it!”

How I wish I could take the time to revisit the old knowledge of my family that was lost amidst all of the sugar, carbs, MSG, and God knows what. How I wish I could remove all of the sodas, ice creams, French fries, etc. from my physiology. I see and feel all of the damage these decisions put on my body, mind, and soul.

Without it, though, I could not be here, telling you how the decisions I made in adulthood profoundly impacted my life and my children’s. Without it, I would not be able to educate a new generation about how to reverse the damage that our culture has caused. Without it, I would not feel empowered to take responsibility for myself.

My first child seemed to be distressed since conception. I had no idea at the time since I struggled to see much further past myself. There are a number of biological and environmental theories for this, but it was not adequate enough to open my eyes. I continued to blindly push forward in life. I blamed it on environment, which I’m sure had a significant impact.

My second child was different since conception. He was calm, but I was more ill. I was older and much more tired. His birth was also considerably more peaceful. It was a very healing experience, until I discovered I still had an inadequate milk supply. I was told it would be different with a natural birth, but that simply wasn’t the case. I obsessed with wanting to know why. Tongue tie, lip tie, MTHFR, Insulin Resistance, PCOS, Hormones, etc. I continuously went down wormholes for reasoning, but never found anything concrete. There was one thing that I kept going back to, though. My friends who tended to have overabundant supplies, also tended to eat very clean diets.

Shortly after his first immunization, my newborn started having severe allergies. I couldn’t consume dairy without him having terrible diarrhea. Anytime he received an immunization or became sick he would break out in terrible hives. When we had him skin tested with an allergist it always came back negative. The medical community would not give me anything concrete, again.

My entire cultural foundation was crumbling. All of the things I had been taught were now coming back defunct. Nothing was conclusive anymore. My oldest had severe behavior problems at school and his clinical social worker mother couldn’t help him. My youngest was miserable with allergies. My body refused to nourish him. Something was wrong, obviously.

I finally started researching nutrition, at the insistence of my healthier peers. Prior to this we ate well compared to the average American (we staunchly avoided fast food restaurants), but apparently not well enough. I began to make small changes. We switched to raw dairy. We started taking heavy doses of probiotics. It still wasn’t sufficient. I took the time to read Gut and Psychology Syndrome. Just six months on it, and my youngest’s allergies had almost completely vanished. If he becomes extremely sick, he will still break out in a few hives. We were actually able to move through the stages rapidly. He can now eat his problematic foods in small amounts with no issues. We are loosely following the Full GAPS diet and slowly transitioning to the Nourishing Traditions or Weston A Price Diet. I am trying to wean my 2 year old and it isn’t going well because my milk supply is continuing to increase as my hormones stabilize. I have lost 50 pounds. My husband has lost 30 pounds and completely healed his two herniated discs. I have no doubt that this was the missing link that has created a healing place for all of my family’s health issues.

Thank you for sharing my journey with me. I also have a Facebook support group for meeting exercise, diet, health, and weight loss goals. I would love for you to join me at Wholistic Health.



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