Positive Ripples

My entire being vibrates with the need to love and support others.  I truly believe that is my calling.  I am a channel to project good into the world.

Up until this point in my life, I could not wrap my head around the methodology.  I went to school for social work.  I was to do good by lifting others up.

I’m not saying this isn’t necessary and beautiful work, but I learned that it is not my work.  I could not grasp the need to label, as I see most “mental illness” as a depletion of spirit.  I was more prone to prescribe positive thoughts over recommending medication.  Therapy in the United States is currently governed by the medical model, and I am not.  I am far too cognizant of the potential flaws in this system.

So, I convinced myself, that I would do good in the world by being a mother.  Not to say that I don’t.  I definitely love my children and husband in the deepest sense of the word.  I long for their touch, their kind words, and the sweet cuddles of tiny arms.  I cannot deny that this is one of the most magnificent purposes I have.  Although, I also cannot deny that my purpose is larger and my energy is too big to remain only in the home.  Much larger.  Much bigger.

I intend to use my background as a catalyst to spread the positive work of others into the world.  I want to take the focus away from me, and place it onto others who are also doing amazing things with their lives.  I want my audience to see others achieving their dreams, so they can know it is possible for them too.

To do that, though, I have to have people willing to partner with me and share their story.  Do you have an amazing journey of growth in your life?  Have you had moments where all the puzzle pieces of your life finally fit together to create a beautiful masterpiece?  If so, I want to hear it, share it, and shout it from the rooftops to inspire others to do the same.

I am starting an interview series.  If you would like to be a part of this project, please comment below and I will be in touch. 

When we acknowledge our interdependence, great things happen. 


2 thoughts on “Positive Ripples

  1. I still don’t know what to do with my life. I think a lot of INFJs struggle with this…often feeling we’re meant for something greater, but not sure what. Just today, I felt a strong pull toward a career change. I don’t dislike my job at all, but it just doesn’t feel complete.

  2. I think taking the last few years to really embrace myself as a person has awakened the most amazing passion in me, unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I feel like now that I know myself, the entire universe is conspiring to create massive action.

    I think INFJs often forget their inherent wisdom is often greater than those who have imprinted negativity onto them along the way.

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