Embracing the Journey of Parenthood

Being a mother is the most difficult work I have ever come to embrace. 

It is both maddening and exuberant. One moment I feel like sobbing relentlessly and the next I feel like relentlessly screaming from the depths of my soul.  

Part of me wonders if it has always been this way or if the treacherous road of modern motherhood is nothing more than a societal construct.  Americans are so stuck on independence that it is bordering on taboo to ask for help when you most often need it.  

If you happen to be brave enough to reach out, don’t be surprised to be met with a “no” or even multiple ones.  What does this do to those souls that lack bravery and strength of will?

It diminishes them and depletes them until they whither away and die.

If our children are the backbone of our future, then shouldn’t mothers/fathers/nurturers be the core?

Bless each of you out there struggling amid this tumult while protecting your own burning fire from dying out.  I feel your struggle.  I feel your pain.  I feel your sorrow. 

It is you who will carry us into a new age of awakening to the need of interdependence in our culture. Your work is daily, grinding, and emotionally draining.  It is your work that I cherish and love.  I appreciate you and the gift you are giving humanity.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. 

Every moment is worth it. 



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