Separating Politics from Humanity

Today I want to post about politics.  Everyone else is doing it, and I have my own opinion that my ego wants to believe should be shared. It is, after all, the best political opinion to me.

I stepped back, though, and realized then I would be no better than the people who are filling my space with their differing opinion and hoping someone out there would latch on.

Politics are a lot like religion.  I think we all want the same end goal for the most part, we just choose different paths.  As in all things, I typically choose the path least travelled.  It is more of an adventure that way. However, the one true path is acknowledging that to make real change, we must come together, not separate ourselves.

All in all, though, I love everyone, whether I love their opinions or not.  I ask that you do the same.


2 thoughts on “Separating Politics from Humanity

  1. Religion and politics are 2 topics I never talk about. Ever. People hold their beliefs so closely (myself included) that it’s just too personal to share. I’m very grateful to be able to have the freedom to follow my own paths and not have to explain myself.

    1. I’m grateful to have had the experience of people being very forceful with me this election. It let me see just how hurtful this behavior is to the receiver. It assumes that the speaker’s path is the only correct one. What is meant to happen, will. Bottom line. ❤️

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