Personal Growth is Rooted in Balanced Interdependence

This is my best friend.  We have been best friend’s for 20 years.  We have split apart and fused again.  We have hurt one another in unspeakable ways.  We have mended one another in even more profound ways.  Our work is endless, building, and limitless. We have cried together and we have experienced bliss together.  There are few people that have this kind of relationship in their life, and my gratitude is immeasurable. 

This is my husband.  We have been together for ten years.  We have beaten at the doors to one another’s soul until we could embrace one another free of ego.  This is the most profound gift any married couple can give to the other.  At many points, I questioned our ability to rebuild from the pile of destruction, but each time we came back stronger and strengthened in love.  My gratitude for him and his gift to me is profound.  

  Without these people, I would not have the growth that I have been blessed with in my life.  There is no greater love than full and complete acceptance of the other.  They are constantly pulling me back up when I fall, and vise versa.  Even when the going gets tough, I know, without question, that they will be there for me.  This is my inner circle.  

Just like everyone else, though, we can’t always focus on the work of growth, abundance, gratitude, balance and all of those things we all so desperately need in our lives.  Sometimes we have to sit back and say, “You know, we have come a really long way.”  We all know we have further to go, but this last weekend we took a moment to really relish the work we have put in.  It has been tiring, relentless, exhausting and worth every single moment. 

  My heritage is mostly Irish and my husband’s heritage is mostly Scottish.  Contrary to stereotypes, neither of us are drinkers, but we still enjoy all of the aspects of our inherited culture.  One week out of the year, we partake in dark beer and river dancing.  I’m grateful that Nashville has such a large Irish population and we have such great festivals and restaurants in the area.

  We failed to embrace the spirit of green like these beautiful ladies did.  I totally dig the green unicorn shirt.  

  I took a month long cross country trip to Australia when I was 16.  The bus we rode in looked just like this one, so I had to capture it. This really embraces the same level of neon geometric pattern.  This was our pub crawl bus.  Don’t worry! I was equipped with water, probiotics, and enzymes.  I have since followed up with a heavy detox.  I think I may still need another day or two of very conscious eating.

  Even after 10 years, I still look at this man and am awe at how adorable he is.  He totally rocked the khaki jeans.  I’m fairly certain he can make anything look great, though.

  It is hard to believe that we met in elementary school.  Our lives have changed so much, but this is what solid friendship looks like. 

  This is my husband’s favorite movie.  “The dude abides.”  I have heard that so many times in the last decade, but it is very fitting.  He said that one day this painting will be hanging in his office, so I decided we needed to take a picture of it. 

My husband and a few other onlookers also captured a video of us dancing to “Baby Got Back” at one of the many famous Nashville bars.  I’m not going to share it, but just know that it exists. 

Our celebratory weekend was a busy one, but definitely filled with great energy.  Once we rest and recover, I’m sure we will discover many more great things out there waiting for us. 


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