Finding Gratitude in Daily Toddler Life

I am hiding under my covers right now.  Not from anything in particular.  I just like the solitude, quiet, and dark that it affords me. 

I don’t get much of that parenting a 3 year old.  

On our morning hike, we met an elderly couple at the frog pond. 

Leif barged in like he owned the place, and they were his best friends.  I love it.  It’s a trait I would like to have.  Gregariousness.  Courageousness.  Confidence.  God, his lack of taintedness from the world is beautiful.  He is pure and beautiful and fiery.  

And this is precisely what we talked about,  for 40 minutes.  For 40 minutes, I discussed this with a couple in their 70s.  We talked a lot about spirituality and how young children embody the beauty and rawness of God.

I need more people like this in my life.  I constantly feel surrounded by inescapable negativity.  I want people who hold space for me and open their hearts as well.  I haven’t been exposed to that outside of my home in awhile and I miss it.  It is absolutely the most nourishing experience in my life.  

I take my son on daily hikes.  We often cover up to 4 miles by lunch time.  This is my best behavior management tool.  It is also my biggest motivator for staying fit and eating well.  I have someone whose energy is incomprehensible leading me through life right now.

I tell my husband that I work hard labor and I’ve earned the right to pass out by 9:00PM.  He doesn’t question me anymore after spending 5 weeks taking care of Leif on his own.  In fact, he brings me tea and often talks with me until I slowly trail off to dreamland.  

I get frustrated with Leif every day, but I turn it to gratitude.  I am grateful to be with him.  I am grateful to keep him untainted and pure.  It is a lot of work to walk with and unfold a soul, but it is the work I was meant for.  My goal is to give him the best possible foundation that I can erect in strength of mind, body, spirit.  It benefits me endlessly as well. It forces me to grow in ways that I never imagined. 

My work is to find my patience.  Leif is my greatest teacher yet.  Patience, perseverance, joy, love.  I thank my family for this gift.  


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