My Heart and Soul in March

“I feel like my entire life is a massive journey, stepping outside of my comfort zone continuously.  I pray that each step I take is in the right direction.”

On March 11, 2016, I began journaling every day.  It has truly helped me get through the difficult experiences I have had this year.  It is also a great exercise in finding the positive in my life as well as setting my intentions.  

“I am in so in love with my family.  They are so incredibly amazing and fill me with so much endless love and light.  They mean the world to me.”

I don’t get attached to much, but my journal is definitely something I have grown attached to.  As a way to help me release it, and the past that has been recorded within it, I am going to share the highlights here.  

“I love the people that are solid in their faith, body, and mind.  They are so balanced and like magnets.  This is what I strive for.”

These are excerpts from March.  This is the month before my life did a complete 180, which I have described in the last several blog posts.  I think reviewing this will be a great exercise in releasing the past to move forward into the future.

“My children motivate me in such a big way.  I want to be their solid rock, to leave and return to as they need.  I want to give them, not only the best of my world, but a better world than the one I have existed in.”

“I have continued to grow with each and every struggle that I have encountered.  I have immense gratitude for all of my experiences that I have encountered up to this point.”

A lot of these are personal pep talks.  I don’t have someone in my life to provide this for me, so I will often do this for myself. 

“You hold within you great gifts to give to this world.  You have very important work to do and the capacity to make it happen.  Your love for humanity is infinite and that includes your love for self too.”

“Continuing to take steps towards my personal growth and stepping into my purpose excites me about the possibility of a new day, every day.”

“A peaceful family state gives me momentum.  When my family is in discord I feel very stagnant and drained.  When my family is peaceful and happy, I move at a rapid pace.”

“I will have an immensely compassionate heart.  I will have found a balanced space from which to project myself forward.  My marriage will be solid with our gifts maximized and building.  Our children will be stabilized.  We will have found equilibrium as a soul family.”

This was my daily prayer in March.  Looking back from October, we have achieved this and more.  Getting here wasn’t easy and it was often frightening, but I am amazed at the blessings that have come since I wrote these words.  

“I live each day to the fullest by finding my flow and staying within it.  I am working on my spirituality so that I can fully embrace life and live as I am intended.  I am creating balance with my family as a top priority.”

Again, most of my prayers and focus in March was around creating a shift in my family, primarily in my marriage.  I wanted my husband and I to be able to work together to manage our family instead of being so focused on our independent roles.

“I want to share my heart, love, and compassion with the world.”

“My children make me smile.  Miss Honey makes me smile.  Food makes me smile.  Hiking makes me smile.  Running on trails makes me smile.  Yoga makes me smile.  I make me smile.  Leif’s schools make me smile.  Friends make me smile.  Meditation and prayer makes me smile.  Church makes me smile.  Flowers make me smile.  Animals make me smile.  Books make me smile.  Loving kindness makes me smile.”

“I am loving yoga nidra meditation.  I enjoy running and most forms of exercise.  I have a special place in my heart for kundalini yoga.  I want to become certified, but am allowing the universe to guide my path.  I really enjoy attending church.  I also enjoy NVC meetings.  I love dry brushing and detox baths.  I enjoy reading my spirituality books.  Prayer is very helpful to me.  I love hiking.  There are so many tools that I use to relax and rejuvenate.  I love and appreciate every one of them.”

I wrote this on March 28, 2016.  I was admitted into the kundalini yoga certification without payment in September.  I feel very blessed after reading this.  My first weekend of training begins this Friday.  

“My definition of success and happiness is creating both abundance and balance.  This is very important for me to achieve in this life because I feel like it is my last really big blocked space for me to overcome.  My family has always had some level of impoverishment, so tapping into that abundant space that I have fostered will feel really empowering to me.  Achieving abundance while maintaining my personal well being, authenticity, and balance will also be empowering because of the childhood scripts I received that stated this is impossible.  I believe that it is both possible and achievable with all of my heart and soul.  I will be abundant and balanced while doing soulful work.

“It is true that the simplest and most important things in life are free.  My husband makes me feel alive.  My children make me feel alive.  My parents and brother make me feel alive.  My friends make me feel alive.  My mind makes me feel alive.  My body makes me feel alive.  My soul makes me feel alive.  Food, sex, meditation makes me feel alive.  I love the life that I have been given with all of my heart and soul.  I am so grateful to be right where I am right now.  I am exactly where I need to be.


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