The Difference Between Acceptance and Withdrawal is Resentment

I have, for the first time since about October or so, taken the time to just BE.  

In my fervent cleaning and unpacking, my mind was finally free to wonder.  I was no longer jumping from task to task, but enveloped deeply in a mindless activity.  

I hit nesting zone in full force.  I’m both exhausted and exhilerated.  I’m so ready to meet this beautiful baby.  I cannot wait to discover its gender.  I want to know what it’s personality is like.  I want to know in what ways does THIS baby trigger me?  

Everything and everyone is a teacher.  I always welcome the teachings of my family and friends.  I cannot express deeply enough how much I adore the feedback, witnessing, love, and tremendous caring that I receive from all of you.  

I’ve missed it.  Thinking all the time is far to exhausting.  

I have so much going on at once that I capture myself obsessing.  It’s maddening and it is a far cry from feeling grounded.  

It’s like throwing off a dusty cape to embrace your ACTUAL reality, not your DESIRED reality.  Then realizing, it’s truly not that bad. This is what you truly wanted all along.

And so, “The difference between acceptance and withdrawal is resentment.”

This quote is pulled from The New Rules of Marriage by Terrence Real.  


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