About Me

I don’t fit into a text box very well, despite my attempts to make it happen. There is a great deal more intricacies to my life and my personality than many will ever have the privilege of knowing.  It also depends heavily on what day, time, etc. you happen to catch me.

With that personal note out of the way, though, I will attempt to define myself through words.

I am a mother.  This is my defining characteristic.  It feels like I have always been a mother, and, in reality, I have been one my entire adult life.  It is the most rewarding and most difficult title that any singular person could ever have.  It is also my calling in life.  I tried to deny it with all of my might, but it is what I am to accomplish with every ounce of my being: presence in motherhood

I am a wife.  I adore my wonderful husband.  If my children aren’t pushing me to the verge of insanity then he is.  I have to accept the fact that I would not want any other person as my other half, though.  He loves infinitely in a perpendicular way.  Within that cross section we work and complement one another.  I am eternally grateful to be the receiver of his lifelong affection.

I am a life coach – that began as a certified social worker.  I am highly empathic and energy centered.  I use this as the basis for my work with others.  I have a deep love for people as a whole and want all to live as their true selves in spiritual abundance.  I use my educational background and countless hours of additional research in nutrition, exercise, energy, and essential oils to hep others realign to what truly speaks to them. 

I am a fitness and holistic health enthusiast.  I am a runner.  I am entering into kundalini yoga teacher training in the fall.  I will be working on becoming certified in pranic psychotherapy.  I am huge supporter of clean eating and healthy living.

I am a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate, and would love to connect with you regarding essential oils: Earth Elements Living.  I am a Premier Wellness Advocate and a team mentor.  This is not only a phenomenal lifestyle enhancement, it is an amazing business opportunity for up and coming entrepreneurs.


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