Essential Oils

I began regularly using essential oils about three years ago, and my alignment began happening more rapidly than I dreamed of.  Essential oils are a very powerful energy tool in assisting your body in healing itself both emotionally and physically.  

To get the greatest benefit of essential oils it is crucial to use those of the purest quality which is why I chose certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils with doTERRA. 

I was able to focus on ways to assist my family energetically in meeting our goals.  Some of the goals that essential oils assisted us in meeting over the last three years are:

  • Healing my son’s food allergies and vaccine injury
  • Returning to our recommended BMIs
  • Healing past emotional traumas
  • Finding financial abundance for our family

I am a Premier wellness advocate with doTERRA essential oils.  Please visit my doTERRA website, complete the Contact Me form on the About Me page, or email me at